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Awe Facilitates Focused Attention at Midlife

Julie Hicks Patrick
Abstract 116 | PDF Downloads 65

Muscle Tension in Generalized Anxiety Disorder During a Stressful Mental Arithmetic Task

Sungjin Im, Briana Rushing, Alexander Wright, Dzenita Softic, Arpana Lakhmani
Abstract 310 | PDF Downloads 94

Body Image, Self-Objectification, and Appearance Maintenance Among College-Aged Women

Grace White, Cianna Piercey, Alejandra Medina Fernandez
Abstract 644 | PDF Downloads 530

Examining Injury-Related Differences in Motivation Sources in NCAA Division II Student-Athletes during COVID-19

Mindy H. Mayol, Claire Tabit, Sydney Irvine, L. Hunter Stafford, Riggs Klika, Gary M. Long, Nathanial R. Eckert, Richard Robinson, Brian Reagan, Trent E. Cayot
Abstract 246 | PDF Downloads 210

A Mixed-Methods Exploration of Rural College Students’ Experiences with Ethnic Foods

Maria Kalantzis, Emma Studer-Perez, Lauren Dial, Cjersti Jensen, Dara Musher-Eizenman
Abstract 238 | PDF Downloads 147

The Current Understanding of Fathers Influence on Cardiometabolic Risk Factor Development in Adolescence: A Brief Review

Phoenix Jampol, Tomas Chapman-Lopez, Andrew Gallucci, Jeffrey Forsse
Abstract 332 | PDF Downloads 243

Predictors of Fear of Dementia Among Adults

Amber V. Rusch, Julie Hicks Patrick
Abstract 135 | PDF Downloads 97