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Research Directs in Health Sciences (ISSN: 2768-492X) is an open access, peer-reviewed journal. The journal encourages authors to submit research in the health sciences, epidemiology, physical activity, health disparities and other health-related lines of inquiry.

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Vol. 3 No. 1 (2023)

Research Directs in Health Sciences is an open access, double peer-reviewed, internationally published journal, indexed on Google Scholar to track citations, h-index and i10-index for impact. The journal is a Crossref member for digital object identifier (DOI) number assignment and citation tracking.

Research Directs: Publishes manuscripts as they are accepted. Published works are dated by year, volume (issue): manuscript number and DOI number.  Example: 2023, Volume 1 (Issue 1): 3, DOI#.

Publication Timeline: From submission to publication, manuscripts in RDHS take on average less than 35 days. Timelines may vary based on reviewer promptness and the time needed for authors to address revisions. 


Exploring the Use of Mindfulness-Based Meditation and Physical Activity to Reduce Stress in College Students

Phrosini Samis-Smith Samis-Smith, Nola Schmidt
Abstract 85 | PDF Downloads 41

The Effect of Acute Aerobic Exercise on Measures of Stress and Inflammation in Healthy Young Adults

Julien Tartar , Anthony Ricci, Jonathan Banks , Hannah Murphy, Cassandra Evans , Jose Antonio, Jaime Tartar
Abstract 119 | PDF Downloads 260

Measuring Energy Expenditure and Heart Rate during Maximum Aerobic Testing with the Apple Watch Series 7

Flavia Rusterholz, Andrew Rodriguez, Victoria Ortiz, Corey Peacock
Abstract 331 | PDF Downloads 216

The Validity of a Novel Low-Cost, Wearable Physical Activity Monitor in a Laboratory Setting

Andrew Newton, Ellen Glickman, Jacob Barkley
Abstract 137 | PDF Downloads 65

Blood Pressure in Normotensive Young Adults Is Not Influenced by Resistance Training Rest Interval Duration

Jason Coles, G. Monique Mokha, W. Alex Edmonds, Lia Jiannine
Abstract 141 | PDF Downloads 67

Faulty Hip and Pelvis Biomechanics Do Not Differentiate Between 5k Performance in NCAA Division II Cross-Country Runners

Monique Mokha, Shandon Marshall, Maya Varghese, Isabella Rivero
Abstract 218 | PDF Downloads 78

Recent Perspectives on the Role of Dietary Protein in Physically Active Individuals

Cassandra Evans, Jose Rojas, Jason Curtis, Jose Antonio
Abstract 531 | PDF Downloads 353
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Scientific Impact

The aim of Research Directs in Health Sciences is to publish, concise research in the health sciences to advance health and wellbeing in society. While not required, the journal encourages authors to submit "Direct Original Research," which is a compact version of an original research manuscript. Learn more about Direct Original Research