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Research Directs in Therapeutic Sciences is an open access, peer-reviewed journal in rehabilitation and therapeutic sciences. The journal aims to publish interdisciplinary research assessing various modes of treatment, therapy, and rehabilitative sciences such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology, and other forms of medicinal and holistic approaches to physical, mental, a
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Research Directs has a call for papers throughout all RD journals:

Manuscript Type: Direct Original Research
Deadline: Submitted before March 1, 2023.
APC: Waived.

Please follow the guidelines for Direct Original Research: https://researchdirects.com/index.php/therapy/libraryFiles/downloadPublic/29

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Vol. 2 No. 1 (2023)

Research Directs in Health Sciences is an open access, double peer-reviewed, internationally published journal, indexed on Google Scholar to track citations, h-index and i10-index for impact. The journal is a Crossref member for digital object identifier (DOI) number assignment and citation tracking.

Research Directs: Publishes manuscripts as they are accepted. Published works are dated by year, volume (issue): manuscript number and DOI number.  Example: 2023, Volume 1 (Issue 1): 3, DOI#.

Publication Timeline: From submission to publication, manuscripts in RDTS take on average less than 42 days. Timelines may vary based on reviewer promptness and the time needed for authors to address revisions. 


Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia as a Therapy Measurement Strategy: The Example of Functional Analytic Psychotherapy

Daniel Maitland, Chung Xiann Lim, William H. O'Brien, Jacob A. Lewis, Cambria L. Davis
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Scientific Impact

The aim of Research Directs in Therapeutic Science is to publish, direct and concise research in therapy and rehabilitative sciences to advance scientific discovery in and therapeutic treatments in humans. While not required, the journal encourages authors to submit "Direct Original Research," which is a compact version of an original research manuscript. Learn more about Direct Original Research

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