Editorial and Peer Review Policies

Research Directs is a series of peer-reviewed journals. Each manuscript published in a Research Directs journal undergoes rigorous peer review by one or two professionals or experts in the field. Research Directs uses an anonymous, single blind peer review process. Once a manuscript is submitted for publication, the editor of the journal will conduct an initial review of the manuscript. The editor will read and review the manuscript, then seek qualified reviewers, if the editor deems the work fits the aims and scope of the journal. The editor, reserves the right to reject a manuscript prior to peer review for various reason that deal with quality, aims and scope, attention to detail using the template, etc.

One or two peer reviewers will review a manuscript and submit a recommendation to the editor. If recommended, the editor can grant authors the opportunity to revise the manuscript or the article is rejected, per reviewer recommendations. A final decision is made about a manuscript after an expert reviewer has provided the editor with a recommendation. The editor is granted the final accept or reject decision, primarily when there is a split decision between two reviewers. The process usually takes less than 35 days from submission to publication, if accepted. The time frame is highly dependent upon author and reviewer promptness. 

Peer Review Steps

  1. Manuscript formatted utilizing the journal template and submitted
  2. Editorial preliminary review of the manuscript
  3. Manuscript is reviewed by one to two peer reviewers
  4. Recommendation from peer review sent to authors
  5. If revisions are recommended, authors have the opportunity to make revisions and resubmit (this process may occur more than once, if revisions are not deemed appropriate by reviewers)
  6. Final editorial decision is made to accept or reject the manuscript
  7. If accepted, the manuscript is published and a DOI number is assigned.