Exploring the Use of Mindfulness-Based Meditation and Physical Activity to Reduce Stress in College Students Direct Original Research

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Phrosini Samis-Smith Samis-Smith
Nola Schmidt


Mental imagery, Students, Stress


Introduction: With the prevalence of stress increasing among college students, stress reduction interventions are essential. This study explored the use of brief mindfulness meditation (BMM) and current physical activity on college students’ perceived stress.

Methods: A single-cohort pre-test/posttest design was used to evaluate the effects of an 8-week classroom-based BMM. Current exercise levels and perceived stress, using the Perceived Stress Scale-10 (PSS-10), were measured in a convenience sample of college students (N = 42).

Results: Brief mindfulness meditations were more effective in reducing stress for those who self-identified as “less than moderate” exercisers, SMD = 3.33 (t = 2.801, p = .023) than “moderate,” SMD = -.24 (t = -.162, p = .873) or “vigorous” exercisers, SMD = 2.56 (t = 1.577, p = .136).

Discussion: The intervention was more beneficial for those who did not participate in regular physical activity. Thus, BMM sessions held during class served as a helpful means of stress reduction for these students. 

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