Benefits of Training on the SHREDmill, a Non-motorized Resistance Treadmill Commentary

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Corey A. Peacock


Football, Speed, Sprinting


The SHREDmill, a non-motorized, non-curved resistance treadmill, offers significant benefits for sports training, particularly in activities requiring high speed and agility, such as football. Its design promotes natural running mechanics, crucial for performance enhancement and injury prevention. Customizable incline and resistance settings allow for tailored training to simulate specific athletic movements, enhancing both safety and effectiveness. Advanced software provides real-time feedback on performance metrics, enabling immediate adjustments and continuous improvement. The SHREDmill’s compact design supports high-intensity sprint training in confined spaces, making it ideal for gyms and training facilities. Athletes, such as football players benefit from the SHREDmill’s ability to replicate short sprints and explosive power, essential to their training regimen.

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