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The Impact of Emotional Self-Regulation on Performative Success for Professional Fighters

Jordan Kwamanakweenda, Julian Pino, Olivier van Hauwermeiren, Corey Peacock, Jaime Tartar, Alexandru Cuc
Abstract 123 | PDF Downloads 98 | DOI

Tracking 30-Day Physical Activity Behavior with Wearable Fitness Trackers in College-Aged Adults

Kelsi Becker, Breanne Freese, Mason Howard, Olivia Cooper
Abstract 101 | PDF Downloads 42 | DOI

Memory for Gaze Cues Can Attenuate Change Blindness in the Flicker Paradigm

Alexis Miller, Joshua Tolliver, Alex Varakin
Abstract 119 | PDF Downloads 84 | DOI

Secularism Orientations

Erica Leach, Jonathan Gore
Abstract 102 | PDF Downloads 54 | DOI

Personality Traits Predict Proximal Goals Among Emerging Adults

Amy Knepple Carney, Nicole Belanger, Vanessa Hillman, Julie Patrick
Abstract 134 | PDF Downloads 73 | DOI

Cognitive and Affective Influences on Decision Quality

Michaela S. Clark, Julie Hicks Patrick
Abstract 126 | PDF Downloads 97 | DOI

Cognitive Dynamics: Additive or Multiplicative?

Mary Jean Amon, Colin T. Annand, John Holden
Abstract 165 | PDF Downloads 128 | DOI