Recommendations for commentaries submitted in any Research Directs journal are below. However, authors should feel free to exercise autonomy when writing a commentary. The following are recommended guidelines, not mandatory guidelines.

  • Define the challenge, research topic, or specific results from a particular article.
  • Briefly explain the challenge or issue as it relates to further research.
  • Give an example of a theoretical or empirical occurrence which sheds light on the concept.
  • Give your personal experience, if possible.
  • Describe the application moving further or identify future research potential.

If needed, graphs and data tables should consist of MINIMAL formatting. Visually, tables and graphs should be clear, neat and professionally presented. The example below is ideal formatting for a table published in Research Directs.

Commentaries are ideally 1-2 pages in length and simply provide commentary about past, current, or future research in the field.