Advancing Strength and Performance Research in Discovery

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Corey Peacock



Research Directs is a series of open access journals dedicated to providing performance-based   researchers   with   an   affordable   open access, peer-reviewed publishing platform.   Research   Directs   in   Strength and Performance   (RDSP)   provides a moderately broad scope to enhance basic, applied and real-world   research in strength and performance. Topics can include, but are not limited to the following categories of research in the field: strength and conditioning, physiology, athlete monitoring, body composition, movement science, rehabilitation, sports technology, sports psychology and many strength and performance topics that impact training and sports.  Furthermore, a goal of the  journal is to publish concise manuscripts in strength and performance. Therefore, authors are encouraged to submit direct and abridged research that is focused and impactful to their own line of inquiry in the form of Direct Original Research

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