Consuming Caffeinated or Non-Caffeinated Energy Shots has No Effect on Mood or Performance Original Research

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Jose Antonio
Tobin Silver
Peter Byers
Lia Jiannine


nootropic, supplement, attention, vigilance


Introduction: The purpose of this investigation was to determine the effects of two different energy drinks on mood as well as mental and physical performance.  

Methods:  In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled investigation, subjects (n=60, 22 male, 38 female) were assigned to a caffeinated energy shot (Alpha Brain), a non-caffeinated energy shot (Ginger Rescue), or a placebo with no caffeine. Subjects were pre-tested on the psychomotor vigilance task (PVT), which is a measure of sustained attention, Profile of Mood States, and handgrip strength. Consequently, they consumed either the Alpha Brain shot, Ginger Rescue shot, or the placebo. One hour post-consumption, the assessments were repeated.

Results: There were no between-group differences (p>0.05) for any of the assessments regarding the change score (M±SD): PVT – Alpha Brain -3±15 msec, Ginger Rescue -21±60 msec, Placebo 1±21 msec; Total mood disturbance score – Alpha Brain -7.0±14.5, Ginger Rescue -4.1±11.1, Placebo -0.7±8.5; Peak handgrip – Alpha Brain 0.3±3.5 kg, Ginger Rescue 0.3±4.5 kg, Placebo -0.6±3.1 kg.

Conclusions: The acute consumption of an energy shot, regardless of whether it is caffeinated, did not affect mood, handgrip strength, or sustained attention.

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